Bucket List #14: Pavlova

I have three weaknesses, and I’m not afraid to admit them.  Smiling babies.  Crate & Barrel.  And berries sold for $1/pint.  Put any of the three in front of me, and I’m transported to a world where time, money, and social norms are erased.  (My apologies to parents everywhere.)

And that is how I ended up with six pints of raspberries in my cart this week.  Never mind the fact my husband hates them.  Or that I had no recipes in mind.  The little old lady hunched over the berry display agreed with me: you can’t walk away from a deal like that!

At home it dawned on me: this was my chance to make a pavlova.  Ina Garten featured one in her cookbook, Barefoot Contessa at Home.  And it has intrigued me ever since.  Ina believes it was named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova.  (Some think the airy dessert looks like her tutu.)  But I was also craving chocolate, so I landed on a Nigella Lawson recipe instead.

I’m no expert at meringues, which is basically what this is.  Which may explain why my pavlova crept all over the parchment paper, instead of staying in a tidy circle.  (When in doubt, keep whipping!)

pavlova_top pavlova_side pavlova_fruit

Don’t get me wrong.  The results were light and airy—and tasty when piled with whipped cream and raspberries.  But this confection confirmed that I’m more of a brownie-and-ice-cream girl.  (My husband’s candid review: “It’s like the suggestion of a dessert.”)  It did, however, use up two pints of the berries—so we’ll call it a success!


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