Bucket list #16: Scallops

Every time I watch a show with Gordon Ramsay, people are getting the scallops all wrong.  They’re F***ING rubbery.  They’re F***ING raw. Which made me wonder, what’s so effing hard about scallops?  I decided to invest the $17 to find out.

Whole Foods sold me four, giant scallops for $26/lb.  Quite possibly my most extravagant grocery store purchase EVER.  Suddenly I understood the paranoia that accompanies every scallop entreé.  I CAN’T MESS THIS UP.


Apparently buying “dry scallops” (not injected with a preservative solution) is of utmost importance.  Whole Foods assured me theirs were clean, but if you attempt scallops on your own, you may want to take this into account.  Apparently the wet ones are a mess and a half.  (Take note, anyone-who-may-someday-encounter-Gordon-Ramsey.)

I used the scallop recipe from Use Real Butter, with a side of asparagus and orzo as suggested by Cooking Light.  I’ll admit, I pulled the little suckers out of the pan once, then second guessed myself and threw them back in for 60 seconds longer.  Glad I did.  They were cooked through and sliced like butter.  No F-bombs necessary.



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